​Wheather it's just a short interview, a one hour seminair, event or a whole week of filming a great convention, we can do it all for you.

When you hire Us you get US. 

We  don't use contractors to film your event, when you hire us, you get us there personally for the day. Bruce & Scott Reynolds your  video filmmakers  If your hiring  Treasured Moments Video Productions or any company  to be there that's who you should have for this special day and not people who have been contracted out to do the job.

Be sure to ask this question to all  people you are thinking about hiring. "Will you be there" or someone else...

       Corporate Events

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4 Reviews

My husband and I got married in Florida during the hurricane. We were supposed to get married on the 6th, but because of Hurricane Matthew, we had to push it forward a day to the 5th. I'm so happy Bruce with Treasured Moments Video was able to come a day early to film us. I was originally skeptical to having a video as I think wedding videos are usually very cheesy and it just felt wrong to me. But I decided to go ahead with it anyway. I was able to talk with him beforehand and tell him my concerns and discuss what it was I wanted contra what I definitely did not want. We haven't gotten the full video yet as we're waiting on pictures as well, but from the clips I've already seen, I'm in love! It was definitely worth it and I'm glad I decided on the film. It captured moments that would not otherwise have been captured in photos. The video has just enough "cheese factor" to not be completely oppaling to me, yet still carry the essence of the wedding, which was family, friends and fun. I'm so excited to see the finished product and I'm sure I will not be disappointed. Thanks for capturing our wedding Bruce! Category: Videography

All events filmed in

Ultra 4k or HD format.

We cover Central Fl, 

Disney and the Beaches.

  Web commercials

1 Review

We got married on May 6, 2016 and our wedding videographer was “Bruce Reynolds” of Treasured Moments Video (TMV). Mr. Reynolds has truly blessed our lives with memories that will live on forever more. His creativity is breath-taking! We are so happy that God allow us to meet. His presence, services, talents, and abilities rise above our expectations and we are eternally grateful. He was quick to respond to all inquiries and arrived early to video tape our ceremony. He is a true professional! Hooray to Bruce Reynolds!!!. We appreciate you.

Thanks again, David & Ann “DaveAnn” Young.Category: Videography

Capturing your day. The most important job we'll ever do!

​contact us anytime by mobil phone  407.252.4998   Bruce Reynolds Treasured Moments Video Productions


       Bar/Bat Mitzahs

       Sporting Events

    We film all sports for
     College  recruiting:
    Soccer, Rugby, Football
      Basketball, Baseball

What We Do

Treasured Moments Video



 Preserving the                     SIGHTS


of your once in a                    lifetime

      Memories                         FOREVER!

After months of planning,

it all goes by in an instant, sometimes these moments are hard to remember but with a video, a film of this special day, you, your family, friends and future family can relive this day over again anytime with the sights and sounds that were so special.

Contact us anytime to talk about what you would like this special once in a lifetime film to be like.

 Preserving  Your Events for the Future -- Filming events in Ultra 4k or High Definition

6 Reviews

Bruce is amazing. At first I refused to have a videographer at my wedding but was talked into it by people much smarter than me and let me say we chose a really great one. The minute I watched our video tears started rolling down my face with how many little moments Bruce captured between my wife and I. We also got to see things that happened away from us like our family and friends reacting to our entrance, kiss, first dance, etc. I strongly recommend services and wouldn't book anybody else but Bruce. He is kind, caring, and can sure edit together a breathtaking video for you to remember your special day by. Thanks again Bruce, you've changed my opinion on having a wedding videographer.Category: Videography

4 Reviews

Bruce was outstanding to work with! Our wedding video was incredible, Bruce really caught so many important moments. The quality was excellent, and he was very good at keeping in touch with my wife throughout the months before our wedding. He is such a kind person, it was really a joy to have him there for our special day. Treasured Moments was referred to my wife by our photographers, Thirteenth Moon Photography, LLC- and we were SO HAPPY to find them! We weren't initially going to have a videographer due to costs, but once we found Bruce we realized that with Treasured Moment's affordable prices- we could capture our big day to last a lifetime. Thank you! Treasured Moments Video is excellent!Category: Videography

Web commercials, need a short highlight film,  a testimonial of your business or product for your Web page or Facebook.Let us tell it visually with video. Get in touch with us...