​​​​       Packages:THE Silver   $ 1,595.00    A best seller 7 hr coverage  2 locations                     Pre-wedding coverage two cameramen coverage at wedding  ceremony. 1 Cameraman at reception  All edited into a  movie for your  most treasured wedding Keepsake. 3  DVDs blu ray or standard widescreen  with  custom cases and  movie  like menu with chapters. 
NEW PACKAGE THIS YEAR  THE Bronze  $1,450.00 An excellent smaller budget package 2 locations 2 cameraman at wedding and reception     Up to 6 hours of coverage Fully edited with movie like menu/chapters. Drone coverage, if permissible, add $450.  Comes also with short Highlight film.

 3  DVDs standard widescreen or blu ray dvds with movie like menu & chapters. 

THE Gold     $1,795.00            
A popular package   8 hr  of coverage
pre-wedding coverage of bridal party
2 cameramen coverage of wedding and reception
cocktail hr., final goodbye
1 extra unmanned camera for ceremony
comments from guests
a music video trailer/re-cap of the entire  day
either blu ray  or standard dvds with custom cases and chapters,   your choice of 4

Short 20-30 minute Cinematic wedding film  See Platinum wedding Package  below

       THE Platinum  $1,900.00    Combination of  Cinematic Short Film  for watching when you want to relive the day in a short period of time, 20-30 minutes. Includes all the important parts of the day,  done  in a Cinematic format. Your friends will like this version. And for the parents and all who want to see the whole day as it happens, the stuff  that they missed. This is a documentary style movie with all the stuff that wouldn’t fit in the short style.  This film is as the day unfolds with chapters and movie like menus. Up to  8 hrs of coverage with 2 cinematographers  Plus 1 extra unmanned camera at ceremony.

 A one song trailer/recap of the day

A 2 dvd set, 1 short form and 1 long form in a movie like case. 4 of these albums either blu ray or standard or a combination. 

IN camera edit WEDDING PKG   up to 6 hours    $575.00    Our unedited wedding package features 1 camera  person  filmed in HD or 4K. Day starts a half hour before ceremony with pre-ceremony coverage.  Raw footage  on  flash drive. 
Intimate Wedding Package up to 2 hours 1 camera Coverage, fully edited with 3 standard dvds.  $450  within 40 miles of our stuido 

    Compare us with the others.   You’ll find we give you top quality at a great price.

If desired packages also can be customized to fit your needs. 
 2nd cameraman coverage of wedding and  reception $ 550.00

Rehearsal dinner coverage....…$100 an hour

Additional Wedding  DVDs...…...$15.00     Blu ray HD DVD…………………$ 25.00 ‘Engagement Video (how we met, done  at a romantic location)$ 285.00

‘Early Years’ childhood to adult photo montage-25 pictures with music...$75. 00 Honeymoon pictures with music...$3.00 ea

Music Trailer/ recap of the day …$150.00

Overtime coverage (each person) .$150.00

Custom DVD case cover...........…$25.00

Custom wedding party credits.......$100.00

Extra edit time...$ 45.00 hr  

All footage shot -non-edited...$225.00

Travel outside of 55 miles..  50 cents a mile 


We offer several packages to bring our services within range of most brides.

​Scroll down all the way for complete price list.

​Remember  'Your wedding vows take only a few minutes. Your wedding video allows you to relive them for a lifetime.'

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Treasured Moments Video



 Preserving the                     SIGHTS


of your once in a                    lifetime

      Memories                         FOREVER!

        say " yes "  to a wedding film

Filming your wedding can seem like a frivolous extra.

Here's why it may be an essential...

1.  You'll see every last detail and HEAR all the important words.

2.  Videos can capture things photos can't.

3.  It's easy to share your trailer with family and friends.

​4.  It's a lifetime keepsake to be passed onto future generations.

5. Can be short cinematic style or the whole day as it unfolds in a documentary  style. Choose from standard widescreen dvd or blu ray dvd. They both come with movie like menu and chapters. For 4k video as of now it comes on a usb flash drive.